2001. All Rights Reserved. New Orleans Voodoo Store only offers hand made items. Due to the personal nature of each item, no two items shipped are 100% identical, please keep this in mind for repeat orders. Given the time it takes to make each item custom for your order, please allow 3-4 business days, plus appropriate shipping. Items are sold as is, with no implied purpose or guaranteed use. These items are not intended to cure, treat or aid in any ailments, but are for purposes of spiritual healing. Blessings, and contact me with any questions.

April's Candles, Jewelry, Lotions & Curious Oddities
Welcome To April's Candles,  Supplies & Curious Oddities
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Candles N More
We offer hundreds of scents- from Tyler, Voluspa, Orleans, Trapp...
Gift Wrap Galore
Our very own gift wrap and packing line offers up hundreds..
Kids Corner
From books and puzzles to blankets and bows...
Custom Pendants
Beautifully made, custom Jewelry, designed here in house....
Bracelets N Necklaces
The most eccentric collection of custom made charms, bracelets and more.....
Spiritual Chains
You can't find chains of this quality, for these prices anywhere else!....
Thank you for stopping by our website. April's Custom Candles is located in Las Vegas, Nevada and has been serving our clients for over 5 years.
We specialize in providing items to spiritual healers, and other various home based healing professionals.
All of our items are made of the highest quality in the industry, and our pricing is second to none.
Also, contact us about our preferred customer bonus, and receive free items & discounts based on order volume and frequency.
While we are unable to offer refunds on any items, we do offer a 10 day store credit or exchange for the same item, should you not be happy with your item.
Questions? Call us anytime, Monday through Friday, 10am - 5pm PST.
Thank you for your business!